Let’s join Naradja in fantasy adventures of the Garuda Riders to search for 8 Gods Elements – Hastabrata. Enjoy soon the new sensation of a combination between cool interactive games and mini games! Garuda Riders is a comic from the trilogy “The Adventures of Wanara” specially designed for tablets and smartphones, performing animations, music and fun mini games.

Garuda Riders invites you to join in the adventures with Naradja to wade into a fantasy world (in an era of 1000 years after Ramayana) to search for Hastabrata Elements (8 Gods Elements) to prevent ressurection of King Rahwana in the future. Will he accomplish his mission and defeat all the guardians of Gods Elements?


App Features:

High quality color full artwork
Traditional music from Bali
Mini games
Animations and Special FX


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Written by Adhicipta R. Wirawan
Founder & CEO Mechanimotion. Contact me: kontak@adhicipta.com